Supporting Mental Wellbeing at Work

We’re passionate about supporting mental wellbeing in the workplace. Prevention is the ethos at the heart of WELL, and through our services we help employees to integrate the key pillars of wellbeing into daily life, both in and out of the workplace.

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“We chose WELL because we know and trust them as a great source of engaging wellbeing information. When planning a day of remote wellbeing events and activities, we wanted a one hour, interactive session that would empower our employees to immediately take action on looking after their wellbeing. Dr Heather McKee did a fantastic workshop on habit formation, gaining some of the best attendance we saw that day. We received really great feedback from the attendees – thank  you WELL for helping our team take action to improve their wellbeing in a really tangible, achievable way!”

Becky Salen
Deloitte Digital