Our responsibilities to the planet and each other

Humanity is at a critical juncture. Its no longer acceptable for companies simply to talk the talk when it comes to their global responsibilities and their impact on the world at large. Companies of the future must have a global consciousness and they must act on their responsibilities and the duty of care that they have towards the planet and those who inhabit it. 

We are proud to lead by example in this regard and welcome all those who wish to join us on this journey. 

Our Commitments & Ethics

Most of our manufacturing suppliers are based in the UK. Although a more expensive manufacturing choice for us, this has been a conscious decision so that we can reduce our logistical carbon footprint and support local crasftsmen and women in the process.  

Carbon Neutral

For those areas of the business where our carbon footprint is unavoidable, we donate to a variety of carbon reducing initiatives advocated by the 'Gold Standard Initiative
We work hard to ensure that all of the materials used in our production process are ethically sourced and sustainable. Where possible, we seek to source our wood and fabrics from as close to home as we can and continue to find ways to reduce manufacturing 

Responsible Manufacturing

We're not a big company but we do have big ambitions. One of our most important is to lead by example when it comes to equal pay and equality in our workplace. As we continue to grow, each of our new and employees can expect to be treated equally, fairly and with respect. 

Equal Pay & Equality

Further details on our values and mission can be found on our mission page ..

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