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Inside every pod you'll find a smart tablet programmed with our guided wellbeing sessions.

Our 'Rest and Recharge' category has been designed around the working day, with sessions to help employees feel more awake in the mornings, recharge in the afternoons and mentally disconnect at the end of the working day.

Utilising elements of CBT and transformational psychology, our 'Stress SOS' category supports employees in dealing with common mental health issues, with sessions designed to alleviate anxiety, work related stress, panic and overwhelm.

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Meet Brett Moran ..

Brett is the voice and experience behind our guided relaxation sessions. An expert in transformation, Brett employs a number of scientifically supported therapy techniques to help his listeners break harmful and unnecessary habits and thought patterns in order for them to achieve their goals, both in their personal and professional lives. 

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With over 17 years experience in the field, Brett offers a unique, no-nonsense take on wellness and life that is both refreshing and transformative.

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